Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekends should be fun

It seems that our house are getting further from  work and getting closer to some friends. We actually have no problems leaving far from work because we have a motorcycle. If we wanted  to arrive at work earlier we can do it but with just a little sacrifice. Life is getting busier now for me specially that I started work, I have lesser time for my little girl.

How I wish that I can fully give my weekends to her, wishing we can go outing each weekend where I and her can go swimming and hubby can try driving a atv 4x4 too. Oh, hubby would love to do this with friends. I can actually imagine them having so much fun. Or they can try  best side by side utv, for sure they would love   doing this each weekend if giving a chance. As for me, I would of course love to try the side by side atv with hubby, for sure this will gonna be fun and could be a couple sports.

Hubby has a band and every time they a recording session his band mates would play basketball first before doing a music recording. They actually spent more time playing than doing the music thing. It actually bugged me but what can I do... boys are boys and they love physical stuff. I on the other hand is always left at home having crazy time with my little girl, how can I go anyway with them with only a motorcycle as a ride under a blazing sun, of course I will never risk my baby's health just to have fun with friends.

I'm hoping that someday our "couple groups" and it's family would have a time and a venue for this. We would for sure have amazing time. I really really hope that we would have time. money and good health together for a beautiful getaway.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

My little girl

That psp that she's playing is not her's nor his dad, it's his tito Igi (hubby's youngest brother). Igi won't let her play that because he doesn't like to lose his games, of course Ziah is only 1 year old and she really doesn't know how to use that thing all she knows tito Igi loves that toy.

So when she finally found where it was hidden, she took it and without saying anything sit in the couch and that's how she looks in the picture. (I must admit I'm a proud mama).

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!