Thursday, April 4, 2013

In need of a reliable server

I'm back to work again next month hopefully, and I know it's gonna be a busy weeks for me. I have been a full time mom for two years and that was it I'm going back to work now and I'm desperate about it. My baby is getting older and at the same time as she grows my expenses grows too, so because of that hubby's earnings can't supply us anymore.  I waited for this job since January this year but it kept on moving till the next month. So I'm really hoping it would really start so that I could get my pay.

I quit my job before when I got my daughter but my boss still hired me to do the book keeping and allow me to do it at home and just send him through email my updates. I really then needed a dedicated server, I was just glad that it was from an unmetered dedicated servers. That when my boss would call for an update I could send one right away. Just imagine if I can't send the file and the meeting had begun, for sure it's like a nightmare on my part. Time came though when they have to let me go co's they can't afford to pay me anymore. I was sad then because I so needed every penny my husband and I earned.

Just because I have worked well, my boss hired me again and this time with a higher salary and I needed to work in the office not in my house.  So since my baby is older now and my boss told me that I can take her to work I accepted the job. I still needed a reliable dedicated  server co's my work requires for it. I have loads of bosses and my big boss resides in the US and so we needed a good server to keep the job rolling, that anytime he needed my report I can send it right away.

Things are getting very very tech-y these days, everything you do online needed some good and dedicated server. So I suggest that we must get the good one so that I work, our job, or our business will be on top maybe not on top top but at least on top.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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