Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mary Pauline Salon Imus Branch Address

I bought my voucher mid last year and haven't use it until two days ago. No matter how I tried to  look the address on the net I really can't find it until I searched the page on facebook and someone asked the same concerns as mine. I found the address on that page and finally went to the salon.

The salon was located inside a Subdivision and it's really hard to find. So I thought of putting it here so that others that wants how to get there will know.

Mary Pauline Salon - Blk 1 lot 28 GM4-Malagasang  2b, Greenpark Homes, Imus Cavite.
Just find where Open Canal Street is and you'll find the Greenpark Homes Subdivision.

Tip: Bring Baon or snacks with you when you go there in the morning for re-bonding. It's hard to go out for food when lunch time comes.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!


Pretty said...

Actually the deal is still on-going or i assume yours is different from this Mary Pauline Salon because i'm planning to buy 1 one for me, but i have to do some research first.

Clarice said...

Hi! How was the treatment? Can you post a review please?