Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who's the boss

A farmer's son decided to get married. When his dad heard the news he said, "John, when you get married your liberty is gone!" The son questioned this and refused to believe it. The dad said, "I'll prove it to you. Catch a dozen chickens, tie them up, put them in the wagon, and go to town. Stop at every house and wherever you find the husband is boss give him a horse. Wherever you find the woman is the boss, give her a chicken. You'll give away all your chickens and you'll come back your team of horses intact.

John accepted the proposition and drove to town. He stopped at every house and had given away ten chickens  when he came to a nice little house. The old man and his wife were standing out in front on the lawn. He called to them and asked, "Who is the boss in your house?"
The man replied,  "I am."
He turned to the lady and she said,  "Yes, he's really the boss."
John was excited with the prospect of establishing the boss in this home, so he invited them to come down into the street;  explained his proposition and told them to select one of the horses. The old man and his wife looked  them carefully and the husband finally said, "I think the black is the better, I choose him."
The wife said,  "I think the bay horse is the better. I'd choose him."
The old man took another careful look at the bay horse and said, "I guess I'll take the bay horse."
John smiled and said, "No you won't, you'll take a chicken!"*

Personally I really don't know what to say co'z I'm a woman. Things like this really happens with hubby and I. It may be a shameful thing to admit... that I sometimes/most times overrule my hubbiness.

May the Lord grant me with total obedience.

(inspired by: moments to give devotional by R.S)

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