Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Travel to Lancaster-P.

Traveling is an expensive hobby of mine that I cannot just ignore. It's like an addiction that my body and mind agrees to do. Staying here at house is both relaxing and as well boring thing to do. So since my friend is just twenty minutes motorbike ride away, I always asked hubby to drop me and our daughter there before he goes work. Oh! riding on the bike without helmet on is the best time for me for I can feel the country breeze in my face and all over my body. I don't wear helmet on co's we drive not in the highway where there are lots of vehicles, but in this road, we sometimes traveled alone (I mean just us).

I would love to visit the States and I really wish that sometimes next year we'll be able to get a multiple visa. Thinking of visiting my friends who live there brought indescribable joy- how much more if it's really real that we're going, I probably would be speechless until I come home. Our friend who actually live in Georgia told us that they will tour us around when we get there and of course I am super excited to see and stay at any Lancaster PA hotels (hoping they'll bring us there). If I have more money to spend I would love to travel at every State in America, then I will travel all over Europe, come home for awhile then travel all over Canada! This is one reason that hubby and I don't get discourage in applying visa even though we usually get denied. Well, who knows the next time we apply we'll be able to have it.

I told ya, I really really love to travel. I like to stays at hotels experience best food and explore the place. In God's time I know my hearts desire will be granted! In God's time!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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