Friday, September 21, 2012

I call.. You answer!

Pondering over things for days now and now thinking how come money (which is the root of all evil if you allow it to control you) has a great part of our daily life. We just can't do anything these days without it. I wonder though what would happen to the world if we omit money in our needs.

It one thing that causes me stress and distress. Everywhere I go, everything I see and worst of all even in my mind there's money involve. Most of the time I feel guilty because I have some and other's don't have any... and I keep the few I have and I'm so afraid of sharing it with the thought that I too needs it. SO selfish (money is making me self centered)! All I see is my need of it and the desire of getting it in any form is soo intense (scary!).

But... what's in my heart do is... I want to help other people too... those who cannot help themselves and could not do anymore to earn it. Sometimes.. I want to sell all the that I have and give it to the needy or buy things. Just saw on the news about deaf people and wish I could buy them hearing aid so that they could hear the loudness of their surroundings, wished I'm reading hearing aid reviews for the preparation of the buy. But these is all wish list... co's to some I'm just like some poor fellow that needs their grace. SO sad... that I can't do more... than just wishful thinking!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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