Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The poor, the rich, and the needy.

We went to church last Sunday very late, in fact we almost hit benediction when we arrived, and we put all the blame on the slow bus to excuse ourselves. Well, how I wish we have  a car to use to so that we don't have go the commuting ordeals. As you may know, it would take five rides for us to get to our home church and it's the same thing coming back home. (This is me wishing I have cars, big house, and more money in the bank).

It probably took us 30  minutes or more waiting for the bus, but when it finally came, it was loaded with people. We were forced to get in the bus even though we know that we have to stand in the aisle co'z there's no available seat for us. Hubby and I were grateful that we were able to ride the bus. I could tell that hubby was struggling hard to stand straight holding on with the side bar so that he won't fell specially that he was carrying our adorable baby.

I could feel hubby's uneasiness and so I took Ziah (our baby) from him, ignoring the risk that I am standing besides the mini-bus door and if I'm not careful when the driver hit breaks I  might be pushed off the bus. Then as I was trying to hush my crying baby, the guy seated in front of me looked at us with concerns in his eyes and offered his seat for us. Of course I took it and was very thankful. I looked back though and I saw him balancing himself just like I did when I was the one standing up.

As I was sitting comfortably, it made think of the rich people who never experience what I just had experienced. I could tell that the person who just extended the help to me is no rich man an in fact was needing the seat too but since he saw that I needed it the most he it gave it up for me. The act that the man has given me made me thank God that we don't have  a car  and I have given this opportunity of being helped upon. As you should know, I was thinking of how I could be get rich so that I it won't be a hassle for me to do things. I know it wasn't a great thing (the guy did) though but it just struck me to my core that being poor is not a crime at all and in fact it's a blessing.

It just depend on how we look at things.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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