Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You rob me off my sexy hubby

The husband here is away for three days in a row. He did came home late the other day but went again very early (actually before I woke up) in the morning the next day. Then he did not come home yesterday, he decided to stay at work/ministry because he needs to do things very early. I really don't like the idea of him not coming, co'z to me.. I don't care it he comes home late, as long as that he comes home to us at the end of the day.

Hubby would love to come home if he could but the long travel in a dark road and riding in a motorbike by himself with loads of trucks and other fast running vehicles weakens his courage and made him decide to stay. As for me, I could press on my demands but I'd rather hold my tongue for his safety, but this thing is really making me uncomfortable co'z I am not used of not seeing the husband at night. It's hard to sleep when he is not around. My baby and me misses him so bad.

I have this a little bit guilty feeling though co'z usually I packed hubby's stuff when he has out of town trips, but the other since he comes home late and left early, I was not able to do anything for him. Wish I could give him a briefcases for men for his b-day which is very soon so that he'll this thing with him for his important documents and other related stuff.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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