Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hubby's younger sister is working at McDonald-SM Bacoor and it was their grand re-opening yesterday. She has no work for about two months because their store was being renovated and for that two months all that she did was training (she trained people and at the same time she was being trained as well). It boggles my mind actually when I was being told that the training was not paid of (how could McDonald's do that: they are using people to help them get richer and yet they don't compensate their employees the exact thing).

Well, hubby and us (Ziah and I) together with my mom-in-law and hubby's two other siblings went to see the grand-reopening of McDonald-SM Bacoor store because we bought a ticket from her sister. The ticket is enclosed of food package (mcchicken, fries and a regular cook), and with the ticket you have you'll only not get the food but also some other freebies such us photo-booth, a pouch and other stuff.

Hubby got a chance though to pose for a picture with Ronald McDonald, but my baby Z was quite curious why Ronald looks like that. and it shows in the picture below.

Of course after having lunch we went window shopping at the department store. I was with my mom-in-law looking for Lara's school shoes. We do saw a lot of different kind of shoes some are leather, others where made of plastic and others of cloth. We do saw some designs probably made from a p kaufmann fabrics co'z it looks the same with the design I saw from their fabrics. Lara got a black school shoes, while hubby got a plastic kind of, I got the same as hubby plus a clothe kind of shoes. :)

Yesterday was fun specially co'z I brought home some a shoes (it was very cheap though), but, I don't care as long I have something to use. 

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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