Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Father's love saves us from most embarrassing moment

I got this stories from my devotional book which I have read and re-read by Robert Strand.

*Grady Nutt, preacher and humorist, now deceased, told this story about a young family who invited the new pastor and his wife over for a get-acquainted Sunday dinner. The mother of the home was quite concerned that this be a perfect affair. She drilled the children days in advance about their proper behavior, what fork s to use and when to use them, how to hold a napkin, and other important aspects.
Finally, the day arrived and the meal was prepared, and at exactly the right time everyone was invited to come into the dining room where the table was formally set with a white lace table cloth, the best china, good silverware, centerpiece, candles, and everything. They all sat down at the beautiful formal table. The father said the blessing and when it was over, their nine-year old daughter reached for her glass of iced tea and knocked it over. The little brother jumped to get out of the way of the spilling tea and knocked his glass over too.
There was an awkward moment of silence as everybody sort of looked to the mother, realizing how disappointed she must be. She had gone to so much trouble and now there was this huge spreading stain in the middle of the white lace tablecloth.
But before anybody could say anything, the father flipped his glass of tea over, and begun to laugh. The
preacher caught on and flipped  over his tea and started laughed. The pastor's wife knocked over her glass of tea and joined the laughter. Then..  everybody looked to the mother  and finally with an expression of resignation  she picked up her glass and just dumped it in the middle of the table and everybody around the table roared with laughter.
The father looked down at his nine-year old daughter right beside him and winked at her. She... as she laughed embarrassedly, she looked up at her father and winked back, but as she did, it flicked a tear onto her cheek and it rolled down to her face. She continued to look up almost worshipfully  at a father who loved her so much to be sensitive enough to save her from one of life's most embarrassing moments*

Moral (from my personal views):  a father's love will rescue us from harm and shame. Let's then love and honor our earthly Dads!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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