Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sick again :(

My baby has cough and colds again, we actually thought it's because she's cutting her first tooth reasons why last three days she has light fever, but as days went by and I don't see any tooth coming out and cough and colds are getting harder it made me think that this must be something else. The thing is.. I don't want to bring her to her doctor anymore co'z it means more taking of antibiotics.

Hubby is blaming the dust from the constructions going behind our house. We are thinking that my baby is having allergy because of the dust the constructions made. But what could we do? we can't just tell them to back off and leave their work behind. Goodness... there is no else we could go to as well to escape the dust.

This actually made me think  of the business we thought of doing in the city. If we have the business I might have somewhere to go to during the day and I'll bring my baby with me. But the thing is the business we've been planning to do is almost forgotten because we don't know any equipment leasing to help us up start the new business, and one thing more we can't find a good place for the business too.

How I wish  that the Lord will indeed open up an opportunity for us to continue a business that has been established... the same business that I want.. a "coffee shop".

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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