Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Loving thy neighbor

...is stressful and hard.
Moving to our new house is quite a challenge. Our neighbors challenge our Christian character. It was at first hard for me cause they really drove me mad and I faced them with my earthly-manly fist. After being foolish and all.. I realized again who I am and what is my purpose.
Hubby on the other hand  is a very downhearted and calm person that is a very opposite of me. He tried to get friends with our neighbors even though he gets some not good feedback from them, but still he tries to smile even he doesn't get any... even "monalisa smile" back. This act of my hubby humbled me in a way. Sometime I wish I'm like him.
I'm just thankful that God is good even in my sometimes not good attitude.  I pray that I'll be able to love them as Jesus do.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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