Friday, January 13, 2012

Discussion, coffee and ziah

Hubby came home late the other day with a news, he said that our credit card bill has finally came and it's more than the amount we expected. So we talked about it for a long time and was still our topic the next day. We sometimes got annoyed of each other along the course of our talked but most of the time we laughed though co'z we always told each other that we should control the use of it, but due to our needs especially with a baby we can't help but use it. If we don't talked about the things we usually do the whole day.... we talked about our credit card expenses.

Most of the expenses we have for our recent credit card bill where all December use (meaning those we spend for Christmas season), and the sad thing about it is I haven't got any gift for hubby yet and thinking of a titanium watches would mean pain in our bank account again when the bills came. So now... I am trying my very best to control or cross cut first just to lessen bills for the next moth.

I hope and pray that more blessings of my baby day to day needs and groceries for us this month so that we won't have to use our credit card even just for the month. :) (hope the Lord hear my prayer and grant the desire of my heart).

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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