Tuesday, November 22, 2011

..awake and alone...

Ok, I'm not totally alone co'z I have a sleeping little girl besides me, what made me feel lonely is hubby co'z he won't be coming home tonight because of work. He'll be picking up a couple friends/missionaries who will be joining us in our ministry. They're here to study our Filipino language so that they'll be effective in the ministry. I say work because picking them up is partly work with hubby (my lover is in-charge of things like this).

Being alone with my little girl tonight  was quite a night. She was having tantrums, refusing to sleep, don't like to be left alone lying on the bed, she wants milk but not really drinking it (co'z I could see the white liquid running down her chin) but when I took the bottle out of her mouth she'll cry like crazy. I feel so alone without hubby.

When my baby cries like no tomorrow with things that I know nothing about... it made wish of a treatment to such uneasiness. If it's only like an addiction thing-y, I probably had brought her to a rehab for an oxycontin detox addiction to relieve her of her discomfort. I really don't know how single parent does when their child does crazy wailing.

I hope and pray that hubby would come home safe and sound, early and happy tomorrow.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!