Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almost no post :(

Got so busy everyday these past few days and to update my blogs is almost impossible.

My little Ziah keeps my whole day since the day the Lord brought her to us. Times seems not enough to do all the things I usually does.  I used to have spare times, time to take a rest and be a couch potato sometimes, face my computer from morning till midnight, go anywhere I want and do anything I want. But this time all those are... probably not gone but are set aside since we have now a priority.

If you have to ask me if I miss those times?: my answer is not that much because the joy my baby gives replaces all hardship, sleeplessness, tiredness and other self-centered things. One thing I misses though is... my friends specially my inner circle friends but still Ziah is worth the sacrifice.

The lights are turned off, the house is quiet... daddy and Ziah are both sound asleep... but as I lay in bed I could not sleep.... so what I did was get up turn my netbook on and then... here I am writing my thoughts in here.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!