Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lifetime Guarantee

Moving to Cavite is like adding a pound on me. We're here for less than a month now but it seems that I get heavier each days that pass. Know why?... it's because I don't walk a lot this time. I'm more on riding hubby's motorbike. Plus.. we eat in a regular basis (I mean three time a day plus snacks) then sits at our couch the whole time watching tv and when we read books we lie down. So... I ended up gaining weight not losing it, whew.. not good!

But good thing is there are fat burners like adapexin-p that guarantees effectiveness, satisfaction and it also promises a lifetime money back guarantee. It's good to be wise in taking diet pills nowadays because there are lots out there that also promises guarantee but actually its not.

Anyways, I gain or lose a pound, I am still thankful knowing each day promises  new hope.