Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking for a global jobs?

Been working at home since 2008. What I actually mean is having an online job since the said year. This online jobs helped me a lot in means of extra cash. It's really hard not to work for money this time that almost the price of every commodities goes up  especially the basic (e.g. food, clothing, shelter and gas/transportation).

The sad thing about this not good situation of this global crisis is... "high price commodities-less employment". In fact, we have promising newly graduates that are able to do great if they only get the opportunity to be accepted in a company. Yet, it may sad to say that the competition to get  hired for a good high paying job this time is almost a hundred to one.

I am grateful that I have this kind of job (though minimal income) but helps a lot specially with a "at home working mom" like me. It really helps pay the bills at the end of the month.

However, even though getting a good job is like finding a needle in the middle of a rubble, still we can get a good find if we only strive harder and not give, because there are good offers out there that are waiting to get filled just like automotive design jobs that operates globally.  All we really need to do is search and apply. We should not lose  hope because life is good still.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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