Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Got My ZIAH baby

I got my baby Tuesday last week and I have this unexplained feelings (mixed emotions about everything).

It was third week of June when my aunt told me that my cousin is having a baby and she is giving it away. I said was interested but was surprised because they did not give it to me but later on I also found out that  they already have someone  to give the baby to. I did not bother to asked or do anything because I know that if the baby is for me then God will give it to me somehow no matter what happen.

Then... after a month and several days my aunt sent me a message telling if I'm still interested with the baby but this time I was thinking .."should I get her or not" but as hubby and I prayed about it.. the Lord give us peace and we both agreed that we will get the baby.

The baby came... I really don't anything when I saw the baby... because I was more concerned about my cousin and her life.  So instead of talking about the baby... I ended scolding and preaching my cousin. I got the baby from them at Cash and Carry Mall... not even inside the mall actually but outside under the tree there.

I did not see any emotional thing coming from the baby's mom (though I know that deep inside her is a voice shouting I love my baby... and I wan't her good life!) when she give me her baby.  All she said... "take her... I will not get her from you ever... she's yours!

The first time I hold the baby in my arms is one life defining moment. Such a tiny precious in my arms begging me to love her. I love her more when my I saw my friends loving her as well. They support our decisions and even give their hearts and time to Ziah.

Now all I wish that I can buy my baby a life insurance at to secure my baby's future. And since I can't I just leave it all to God who brought this tiny precious to us!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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