Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drug Rehab Treatment

Seriously, drug addiction is really a hard to treat. The whole family should be in one accord to face this thing when it happens to one their family member. Having one of the family in this situation is quite frustrating and disappointing, plus the negative emotional  effect it gives to the family.

My uncle, who's been a good person was a victim of drug addiction. He was then at his third year in university taking up aeronautics courses, but when he got the addiction, he dropped all his subjects and quit school, marries the drug lady whose been his drug supplier (sad to say that the lady has been into a lot of guys before my uncle, so she had a child then before my beloved uncle came). Now, uncle is working at an airport as a janitor instead of having  a higher position. It sad, right?!

I rather suggest that, when we know that someone we love is in bondage of this drug addiction thing-y, we should not tolerate them instead bring them to a treatment center nearest your place or bring them to a benzodiazepines detox addiction treatment so that they can have their life again, and not only that if others who knows him/her and in the same situation as him/her will be encourage to do the same because of the good thing that happens to him in spite of everything.

There is hope still!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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