Friday, May 13, 2011

Air-conditioning on a hot summer

Summer  is almost near to its end but mister summer sun is still smiling brightly towards us reasons why we sweat so hard even right after shower.  In times like this here in the Philippines I dreamed of colder places, places where snows abounds. I know that I’m just dreaming, right? But who can blame me anyway since hotness is all over us.

I somewhat have this enviousness to those who have air-conditioning in their houses or rooms because I know that they are not perspiring like me. Yet, when I think of buying an air conditioning then  think of how much would it cost me when the electric bill would come discourages me and I feel contented of not having one. I know I am a little bit thrifty these days.  No one could blame me with that either.

If someone could only gift me an air conditioning (anyway my birthday is coming soon), I would thank him/her to the highest level. I’m just dreaming and wishing hard I know! But who knows someone might read this post and be moved then would indeed give me one.  If I have the air conditioning, I would  take it to the  repair air conditioner  for expert repairs and fixing, it’s hard to trust to just any repairman because sometimes instead of fixing it, they somehow add more trouble to it.  It’s good to ask the expert specially if I’m just dreaming about it. It might break even if I still don’t have it! J

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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