Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Reputation

Most people care so much about their reputations. Some would step on others just to keep their excellent reputation. Others would even eliminate those who would dirty their dignity and good reputation, specially those government officials who would do anything even dirty and malicious things just to keep the good look they portray so that they could continue to keep the sympathy of the people.

Well, no matter what we do though, may it be pleasing or not, people will still say something about it. It is really true that no matter what we do we can't please all people. So I suggest that we do the right thing instead, because in the end it is still us who will face the consequence of our doings.

As for me, there where times in my life when I am faced with urgent decisions to make, all I do is pray and believe that God will do something on my behalf to rescue me.  When I have to choose things or if I am faced with a very hard decision, what I do is keep it to myself first, then consult someone whose opinion is very important to me, then I have to compare my thoughts and with the opinion of others, then decide after, at least I could have peace with that.

Some people who has an online business and are rained down with many different comments and can't manage it any longer would even would even hire an online reputation management , most specially when their business or site is being  bugged with negatives write up's, comments and complaints. So people like them needs someone knowledgeable on how to lessen  if not eliminate those things.  People would do everything just to clear up a name and retain a good reputation for personal purpose.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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