Monday, February 21, 2011

Toned Body!

I have this talked with my friend who goes to the gym once in a while. She told me a funny story about  her best boy friend. She said that while her friend was working out at the gym, an older woman approached him and said that his body is almost in perfect shape unlike the first time she saw him and not only that... the woman  touches his abs without asking permission, creepy! This guy friend of my friend has toned muscles and nice abs because of frequent gym session. He seems look like his taking a force factor for his toned body reasons why both girls and guys like him.

It is just a weird thing when you have that body and good looking guys come to you asking if they can have a coffee with you and same with older women flirting with you. I don't thing I would like that. I would rather have a not so good looking body with peace rather than have that and feeling weird. :)

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