Monday, January 3, 2011

..partly moved...

Hubby and I brought some of our stuff to our new house. We did not arrange it yet though, we just put in there. We also painted white our room to make it brighter  because it looks too dark without paint, we are thinking of putting a linoleum on our room floor too. We did make a little makeover since we are hoping to stay there for quite sometime... we are trying to make this house feels home.

We still has a lot of stuff to move and we are just waiting for our team van to be free, and we are hoping that on Sunday we'll be able to move everything so that we still have time to organize things at our new house before the busy days would start.

Though our weekly meeting will start this Thursday and I am hoping that hubby and I are still not in the hot seat (busy sched.) or else we will be forced to wait again for free times before we can totally settle in our new home.

Actually I thought I'm not going to like our new house that much... but as we brought things there and have painted our room, it feels like I am excited now and really ready to move and leave the house I used to like and have loved.

Hubby and I will buy cleaning stuff and toiletries  for the house today. I am excited!

...every blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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