Thursday, August 19, 2010

Talking about Cameras!

These days... hubby and I been arguing about our digital camera. He wanted to sell it and buy a new one, but i don't want to because it was a gift from a dear  couple friend. What makes hubby wants to sell it because he doesn't like buying the triple A battery each time we will use it, and the rechargeable battery is also expensive and don't last long.
We are actually thinking of buying a digital camera but definitely not like the one that we own at the moment. It bugs me I need some pictures for my blog and can't find a new one. Part of me would like to blame hubby to the max and quarrel him big time :( but just ca't do it too because hubby can't do anything at the moment because even if he would like to have a new one. we don't have the money yet and if also we will buy a new battery it's only a waste of money. sigh.
Another option for us of having is a digital camcorder and two of my teammates has it. I might see the digital camcorder reviews though to see if I would consider it.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

Christmas in August?

Honestly peeps last month I added Christmas songs to my list of favorites songs on my groveshark account. And was singing with it loud enough that my officemates told me that it's still early to play Christmas songs. lol! But, I just can't help it, because I'm excited for Christmas. I even wished its December now, so that i could set up Christmas tress and put some led xmas lights, ooh lights just excites me in general. I love staring at it  and also Christmas lights lighten up my spirits.
Ten years ago, I was asked by my pastor at church to decorate our missionary house. So I bought a lot of lights and arrange it nicely outside the house. Every six o'clock at night I personally lit it up and at seven when all is dark, I would sit outside grab a chair and a soda. The memories of it still very clear in my mind. Christmas lights reminds me of how colorful my life is because of Jesus! :)

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!