Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting heavier each day!

Actually a lot us now a days has problems with our diet because most of the foods we are eating has preservatives that affects our health.
As for me I have found out that the more I eat instant noodles the more I gained weight just overnight, promise kidding aside. I don't eat pansit canton anymore these days because I've learned that whenever I eat I could feel that I get heavier the next day. If there's only a top diet pill that would helps us control our cravings and make us feel healthy after eating a lot, I think would indulge to my cravings with pansit canton because I really love it! :D

It's just hard :(

Last night I cooked baked chicken for dinner, and of course can't help my self bu ate more rice than the planned amount of rice that i should be eating.
To tell you peeps... It's just hard to diet when you just have cooked a good food knowing you don't have it everyday. We don't belong to a well off family that have almost everything or there's always food in the table. So we are very much thankful when we have something to eat and there's food.
As for now I just accept that fact that I'nm not getting slimmer and need diet pills to shrink my body. hehehehe.


Every post that I have here I just realized that its always involves hubby. That's because my life evolves with him since the day we said the vow.
We are both excited because hubby just booked a hotel (apartelle) room for us for two nights. The idea happens when we woke up one morning sweating to the max in spite of the electric fan on its highest performance that was focused on us and yet we were still sweating, and to think it was early morning.
But we were actually thinking of doing this during our second anniversary, but was not able to do so because of lack of budget.
The Lord has blessed us enough to save for such a time as this.
So, tomorrow hubby and I will be enjoying the coldness of a room just nearby.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!