Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just take a look at this!

My friend tagged me this on facebook. Since I like it... thought of sharing it here. :)
Happy Friday everyone!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

I need to take vitamins

Whenever I met people who knows that I got married two years ago, their first question is.. when are you going to have baby. For the first few months it did not bothers me, but as they asked that frequently it somehow affect  me and I hate to hear it anymore. If I could only do it soon I probably have two sons now, but I can't only the Almighty could tell.
I've heard a lot of advices from a  lot of people, but from all that I heard from them this is I know that I need to take natural vitamins  for sure. Specially these days that we are already trying to get me pregnant.
I know someday I will be posting here that I'm expecting a baby already! :)

Acne Probs

I don't have a flawless skin but I'm contented  with what I have now. I really see to it that I was my face before going to bed afraid that I might get pimples and acnes. Whenever I saw people specially teenagers suffering form acne problem I actually pitied them. It's not that I hate them... because I don't have the right to, I am just thankful  I don't have it on my skin.
It's actually good to know that these days we have technologies that discovers a lot of things  and creates medicines that can cure horrible diseases. If I know a friend who has this problem I might recommend acnepril to see if this might help.
To prevent this, we should always clean body before doing to bed, sleep early and eat properly or healthy.