Thursday, June 17, 2010

I want a Netbook for my b-day!

I've been thinking of buying a netbook for myself because I would like to give my laptop to hubby since he has a lot more to do than I do. I would like to think that I'm saving for it, but actually I'm not (quite confusing huh!). Every time we have savings and emergency things pop-up there is nothing I can do but give my savings away, then start my savings all over again and same things happen, whew! My purpose of getting one is to use it for my blogging purposes because it is small and very light I could bring it with me wherever. I have a friend who thought of having one too just like me. We will be soon be netbooks users. A friend of mine got a red one already, as for me I might go for a black one.  I am dreaming and wishing that someone out there who is wealthy enough to give a netbook for my b-day :).

Yellow Car

Ricambi America Parts Catalog
Wow goodness! who could resist this kind of car, anyone? My eyes are big and can't help but drool. If you have a car like this.. you must be hottest person in town. Whenever you pass by.. eyes are all in you.
This car is hot and it's Ferrari parts are also reliable. If I've got this car, I would be paranoid and so does hubby. Afraid of everything that  might happen with us and the car. It would always be a stressful day. But I really like the car. Today is my birthday though and if anyone would like to give me a gift something like this.. will be my favorite friend for life. lol!