Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our TV!

It is sad to tell you readers that our television at our house does not give us the channel that we want to watch to. But are very much thankful though at least we could watched DVD's in it. Last night hubby and I watched the movie "ten things I hate about you" on dvd's  and indeed we have fun together.
But part of our dream is to have a room in our house (if God willing) and make it a sound proof like in the movie house and put a lot of multimedia stuff or gadgets. Actually, every time hubby and I passes by an appliances store we always stopped at the big plasma televisions and wishing one day we'll be able to have one.
It has been my desire since I was a kid and that desire still with me up to the very moment. Yet.. I know that in time we'll gonna own one... just not now but someday.

Rain... here you comes!

It's been awhile that the sun is reigning up there and all of us down here are wet with all our sweats. So now that the rainy season is here, our arms are opened wide to welcome it. and it would be great if we could put some rain chains  in our gardens.
It would be amazing to look when the water from the chains rain runs down from it. I'm even imagining it in my head like a child excited to go outside when it rains. Just loving the though of it. 
When hubby and I would visit the mall again I would love to  look for some rain chain and see if we could have one. Just don't where to put it though since we have no garden since our house is an apartment style and we are in the middle, in front of our house is a garage. Anyways, whatever will be.. will be! :)