Monday, May 10, 2010

Hubby will enroll in Bible School soon.

Two weeks ago when hubby told me that he wants enroll in Bible School... I was mixed emotion and actually I'm still is. Questions like "how" is lingering in my head. How could he do that where in fact we are struggling for finances. But if this is the Lords will who am I to go against it... I would only end up fighting against God which I'm doomed if I do.

Just thirty minutes ago he brought it up again..., all I could say was... so when are you going to enroll and what would be your schedule. Deep in my heart and mind I am asking for God's wisdom and divine intervention because He only knows how would this happen.... how would our desires and dream could come to pass.
So, as I wrote this post I am asking God to bless our finances like spring of water that never runs dry.

"Bless us dear Lord as we come to you asking for your peace that transcend all understanding to fall upon us... so that we won't be worried anymore knowing YOU are our God and you control all things."

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

I just can't :(

My day was not that busy though. I did have rest even though I had crazy time with a long line of cue to vote. whew! hubby and I spent almost three hours just to vote. While in the line, as I saw this long line of waiting people... part of me would like to give up and go home, but part me would to make a difference. So I stayed in spite of everything (sweating, tiring, annoying noises and all sorts).
So... what I am buzzing  about  now is I just can't sleep and its 2am already. I tried though, i have turned off the light, close my eyes and wishing that sleep would come but it didn't, so I turn on my laptop again and start writing.
But I need some sleep... now. So help me God!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

About Fashion

I love looking at fashion magazines and I love watching models modeling stuff on tv. I like how they look and the effort  or style they make to look stunning and fabulous on the stage. I even love watching the devil wears prada movie because of the fashionable things that andy and amanda wears. Actually, I owned a vcd of that movie. Those womens dresses really makes me drool and made me wish to the max that one day I could also wear those. It always made me wish that I'm skinny because I'm not anymore, so that those dresses would fit on me. Looking at those beautiful stuff motivate me to go diet and exercise for a day and stop the other day because I don't have the patience like the model have. I'm just too lazy to lift a nerve. Its funny though because when I need to  attend a party I really do everything to lose a pound or few  a week before the party so that the dress I wear would at least look nice in me.
I do have friend that is motivated enough to lose weight than I do. She's really quite big and heavy a year ago, but looking at her now I'm almost bigger than her knowing I only weigh 125 two years ago but now I'm 150. whew!
And of course a woman would not look that fashionable enough without womens apparel. It really takes two to tango and these two really gets along well. I remember a comment from my guy friends to one of my girlfriend saying that its not about her dress alone that makes her look great, but its the combination of the dress and the accessories. Which was very true! ooh how I love fashion but I don't think fashion loves me. All I can do now is admire those who are fashionable.