Friday, May 7, 2010

Its time to pay again!

I been thinking of telling my team leader that we need to pay again for our social security quarterly remittance and for our cheap health insurance or philhealth, I say cheap because we only pay one hundred pesos a month.
We are really thankful because we know that if we get hospitalized we could get discounts. And if you are the head of the family your whole family is covered with that insurance too. So it is really helpful specially to those who don't have enough financial provisions.

love cooking

J-mie and I love's to cook.

this is our version of bake mac. so yummy!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!


Adults if not careful of taking care of their feet will indeed gets problems with it. As I grow older I've noticed that my feet needs attention because its getting dry and its itchy when I try new shoes or flip flops. It drives me so crazy when eczema attacks. So looking for the best treatment, I've heard about that probably could help people who has skin problem like this.
I hate the thought of it, so if however we have this kind of thing... we better get rid of it because its very unpleasant!


When I was young I always overheard adults talking about what was the best herpes treatment. I was wondering what its all about, i never knew until I grew up and find it myself. I found out that its a sexually transmitted disease and its viral. And its commonly found on prostitutes. Poor people driven by needs to do such things and acquired deadly disease.
I just hope and pray that those people with that disease will find rest and comfort in Jesus specially that the cure to it is not yet found or develop. We should be all aware that every act we do will create a positive and negative reaction in all areas of our life.
Then let's choose what is beneficial both to ourselves and the people around us.


A week ago my boss  went somewhere to attend a seminar/conference and his wife and children visits their relatives too for a week. And since they have pets and plants to take care of.., they asked us to take care of it for them.
So everyday we have to visit their house, water the plants, give food to the cat, chicken, bird and fish. There were even times that we need to go to the market to buy fish for the cat and fish food for their fish. But unfortunately the chicken died because the rats killed it. Now, they're home and I miss their cat. :(

Beautiful friends.

Reggie, Jiji and Raqs

Ramon and Jemai

Von, J-mie and Mik

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

Lady in a wheelchair

Two weeks ago my friend was admitted in a public hospital due to internal bleeding. Hubby and I visit every night for that's only our not busy time. Its good to have that hospital though since the government will pay for your hospitalization if you have the privilege card.
While I was inside I noticed this old woman sitting in a wheelchair coughing so hard beside my friend sickbed.  How I wished that the staff there have this passion over their patient and have put spirometers on her to know if she's still ok.
My friend is now with us alive and kicken' but I don't know anymore about that old woman there. I just hope she's also home well.