Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where to go this holiday!

Traveling is one thing I love to do in life besides loving hubby even though its hard to do so sometimes (just like now... after having our us time means we talked and discuss things that end up arguments). Just this year hubby and I been to a lot of places like KK Malaysia, Canada, Thailand and Cambodia. We love to go around  and hoping to see Greece, Italy, France, UK, US, Australia, Africa and the whole world. If only we are not short on our budget, we might to go to Singapore this February but sad to say we aren't.
Hubby and I just love traveling around with a purpose or not (means a mission trip travel or just simply sight seeing). We love to see places and try new dishes, but we don't have the courage though to try any tarantula in Siem Reap and some different dish in Bangkok!
One thing though that I cannot do is to travel like any single woman in a singles holiday because without hubby in my side I just cannot do anything. He is the other half of me and without him means half of me is missing too and is not good!
This Christmas holiday, hubby and I plans to go up north with friends and we are going to do this after the twenty fifth and we will stay there  till the new year. We do this every year though and we go to  different places to celebrate the new year!
It's always fun to spend holidays with friends!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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