Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scrubs and me :)

We have a physical therapist friend who worked and lived in Georgia.  She was still single when she went there for the first time way back two thousand and six, then she came back after two years and get married to his fiancée who was and still is our friend also. And now they are here for a vacation together with their two little cute angels whom we have the honor to hold and kissed last night. But before she went to work abroad she worked in one of our hospitals here. When she was still working here.. she'd been a great help to us whenever we need medical attention. Whenever we visits her at the hospital we saw her and some of her nurse friends wearing their nursing uniforms which look good on them.

Well talking about medical scrubs and uniforms just reminds me of the nurses and doctors who attended to me when I was sick and stayed in the hospital for almost two weeks.  Seeing them with my blurry visions brings comfort and fear. Comfort because I know I'll get when I'm in pain but fear also because seeing them means they'll have to do something with me again.

When I was  kid I used to imagine of myself as a nurse or a doctor because their hospital scrub uniforms were fascinating and I was thinking then that wearing them would make me more beautiful. haha!
My friend is here now and seeing her just made think of the things before and in my mind I could still see her wearing her hospital blue uniform.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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