Tuesday, December 28, 2010

...is at the office!..

Hubby and I came to the office to use its wifi connection. I haven't been here for several days and it excites me as I climbed the stairs up to out office that is in the third floor. It's good to miss some things that you are used doing or seeing. One thing that adds to my excitement though was the thought that I'll gonna have a internet connection because I really wanted to know what's in my inbox and such other things in the web.

One of the many things I found out when there's no internet connection is.... I have time to read my Bible.  Part of me is thinking not to get a connection when we move to our new place, but the most of me... wanted it so badly. I wish I'll be able to balance my time because for sure I'll gonna get a broadband in our new house.

Moving... is both a happy and sad situation. Happy because of the excitements it brings but sad because of so much things. It sad because you are going to leave what you usually have, see and being around with. I told hubby that the only thing I won't miss and won't have in our our house are the rats and the cockroaches. But definitely... we are going to miss our friends.

How i wish that I could bring them along with the many things we are bringing and one of them is a garage door openers to replace the one that is on for a better security.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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