Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hard times in finding cars

I was very busy these past few weeks and still am till the next few weeks ahead. Me and my team are busy with holding kids Christmas parties from the North, to the South, West and East of Manila. Aside from being a coordinator of a team I was also given the task as the master of the kids Christmas party program, a task that worn me out. But the craziest task that I had during these trips was and is finding transportation for our American team friends. My heads seems spins when the leader of the group told me to hire then cancel then re-hire again a 18 seater medium size nissan urban. I never knew if this car I hired is-350c specs because how should I know I don't own one.
However, we hired this van inspite of the fact that the team would not be able to fit but since they said that hire an 18 seater... then I did what I have been told. But I had told them or suggested that it would be better if they would hire two van because they won't fit in one van only, but they refuse to do that because they said to hire a big one car that has lfa specs is better that renting two (which is also reasonable) but the problem arise when they all ride in the van and found out that it was hard. Then they told me again to find another big 18 seater that no matter what I did.. I cannot find.
It bugs me to the highest level. One time I wanted to cry and the other I wanted to scream because of disappointments and frustrations of looking but not finding. Until the guy who told me to look for a bigger car changes his mind and hire the 18 seater finally. The good thing was our team hired another van also for us because our team van cannot carry because it has loads of Christmas stuff that we needed for the party. So the other team got to ride in our van also.
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Doing this made me wish to own a gx-460 specs so that when times like this I don't have to worry that much because I can rent them our car. I am hoping though that in the future God will indeed bless us with a car and a mini bus for our team. Life would be better then I think. :)

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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