Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wish I could do more...

Two nights ago hubby and I went to pick-up a friend at the airport. Halfway there our van broke up and theres nothing we can do but wait for awhile for some aid from friend.
But it took then a long time to fix the van. So we decided that I'll go pick him up alone and drop him at 24h hotel by a cab. It also took us a long time waiting for the airport cab because there was a huge traffic and a lot of people inside the airport waiting area.
I really felt bad for my American friend because I found him sweating a lot and he told me that he waited long time with the immigration because this lady officer asked him a lot of  questions. Then while we were outside another lady accidentally pushed him with the cart she was carrying and he fall to the ground backside. whew! goodness! I don't know what to do during that time.
Finally the I had settled him in the hotel. And he said he had great time.
Then yesterday, we were together the whole time because we talked about everything (means: work, ministry, life and health). When were talking I found out that his health was not good the past few days and he was undergone operation three months ago and he got hospitalized few days before he left for Philippines.
I wanted to cry while listening to him (I wished that God could preserve people like him, who is devoted in HIS service at any cost.)
How I wish I could help him in what he is going through!
May God bless and give him the desires of his heart!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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