Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Money matter with hubby and I

I had a huge fight with hubby the other day... the reason why?... because of money. We actually often fight over money. Hubby thought or see it that I am the spender and he is the keeper, but actually we fought because I wanted to do this thing but I can't because hubby won't let me do it.
The bad annoying plus factor part is.. I also contributed in earning that money we have. It bugs me that I worked and yet can't do what I want from the payment of my labor.
Don't get me wrong friends who read this post of mine because my hubby is a very good person and he holds our money very tight too in fear that we might lost it. He is a very good person inside out. A lot of our friends like him than they have liked me.
This is just me having hard time understanding our situation because no matter how I reason out hubby is still right in keeping our money for the reason also that if he give it to me.. it won't last long no matter how much it is.

Well, to me money is just money, yes its vital but it still a thing for disposal, though its value don't change no matter how dirty old looking it is. I'm not a buyer though ( I mean I don't spend much in shopping because  I seldom do so or I only shop 3 times a year I think). But, what I love the most with the money give is to give it to people I love, to the kids I know at church, my love ones, people I know who needs some financial help. I also love to cook food and invite friends to come over for dinner.
Hubby doesn't understand this heart of mine, to him money is important and when we lost it its hard to get it back, and its  even harder to ask people for help.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!


Ella said...

money cannot buy real happiness...

Have a Sugary day!
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Mel Alarilla said...

Well, money should be a small matter that must not get in the way of your harmonious relationship. It just so happen that you have different priorities with regards to money and how and when to spend it. The solution will be to keep the money you earn yourself so that you can do with it in whatever manner you want. You have your point and he also has his own points and you must meet halfway. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.