Thursday, July 22, 2010

T-shirt and other printing services

Just a month ago inside our house has a lot of t-shirt, it's in different color and sizes. All you could see was t-shirt all around, from the chairs, tables, couch and even the stairs :), you know why? my friend has a t-shirt printing business or what we called it silkscreen (if I'm not mistaken). As I see it though, it's not an easy job to do specially with the folding and everything aside from the paints smell. Good thing they really get good money from it. They also are thinking of expanding their business into making other printing stuff such as personalized picture magnet. Well, if my friend could only find an easy way to do it or have an online printing services instead would be more amazing.
As for these past few weeks they don't have any t-shirt printing to do. Hopefully they get more order soon!

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