Saturday, July 24, 2010

Looking Back....

Today; since I was alone in the house I've got the serenity opportunity.
It was quiet and calm. As I lay down on my bed I thought of a lot of things but mostly of the past.  Question like what had happened to us  kept playing in my head. As I remember very clearly, when life was simple and all that matters was just.... (where would we get food, whom should we share His goodness or where is Tata and Gigi or the rest of the gang?)
Tata and Gigi are my dear close friends, they are sisters that most people
 thought are twins (but they are not). With them.. we went anywhere together, we live in the house and stay at the same room, eat and drink together and we even prayed the same prayer.
What had happened to us?...
Tata and I are both married. Tata got married two years before mine. She  has two kids already, a very sweet girl and a gorgeous boy and they live approximately one hour and thirty minutes away from me. While Gigi went to China for a missionary work. She stayed there two years two. Though she is home today and getting married in February next year.
I just can't help but reminisce the past we had. We had a simple but happy life. We just laughed our worries away.
But now... we don't even see each other for months unless there are special occasions,  like the other day we visited Tata and Gigi came to our house to pay a visit too. We don't talk like before. Everything is casual when we see each other. But I do believe that in our hearts we remain friends as we are just like the old times. I know we still love each other like sisters. :)

Me and my hubby

Tata and her family

Gigi and her fiancé

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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