Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ipod or Cellphone?

Just awhile ago I was telling hubby to buy me a new cellphone because I was thinking of giving mine to him. My cellphone is just a few months old actually but I don't enjoy it. It doesn't have the camera that I want and I can't upload songs that I want. But it's a good one though, it has dual simcard and a lot of other good features  but its just not what I want and needed but in fact its more of hubby's type of phone.
I want to give it to him since he needs a new one too, his is too old and almost broken. Well, I'm not asking him to buy me new one right away. I'm just telling him that if we have the opportunity.
I'm also contemplating of buying an ipod instead of a cellphone. I don't know?! I have known about an insurance for ipads, but I  don't know if I ever get an insurance if I chose to buy ipod instead.


AIS said...

ipod has a warranty if that's what you meant. 1 year for the most. if you're into music, ipod is the ultimate choice. XD cheers!

Jeff's Online Money Making Experience said...

If you have means to get the ipod then that would be better. :)

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