Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Cost of Sleeplessness

Yeah! It's totally right that when you lack of better sleep at night, you'll get bumps at your back or shoulder or worst of all you'll get bumps of lumps on your face. eww! And this bumps are called pimples that turn to acne if not treated. I know its horrifying and I don't like it either!
Whoever wanted though to know what can treat an ugly acne could just click here and treat your pimples the soonest possible before it get worst. Acne affects us the biggest way. It somehow lessen our self confident, because as we talk to people face to face we don't know what's really on their as they look at our face. So better get rid of it!
Happy Sunday everyone!

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Michelle said...

As I get older, getting enough sleep has become increasingly important. When i was younger I could handle it, but not anymore. Have a good day :)