Monday, June 14, 2010


Hubby was assigned to take care of our team van from the moment it was bought. When it was still new, he has no problem when it comes to repairs, but since it has served us three years already and have traveled near and far,  its trouble has come out already and needed some repairs. As I was browsing some stuff i come across Los Angeles auto repair and thought might see something helpful from here.
My friend who lives in Ontario bought a brand new Honda Civic almost two years ago and the car that she has now is my hubby's dream car. And when God permits in the future we might have a car just like that anyways the name speaks for itself. It has been proven good up to now.
Owning a car is like baby sitting. You need to know your car even the teeny tiny details as head gasket  to take care of it well. It's not that easy to have a car but it's great having one.

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