Friday, June 11, 2010

Paying Bills

My hubby brought me to the hospital the other night because I've suffered too much stomach pain or gas pain. I threw up four times and in spite of taking medicine and putting ointment the pain would never cease. So since the pain did not go away for almost eight hours, hubby decided to brought me to San Juan De Dios hospital. The thing I like with this hospital is.. their patients are well taken care of unlike with other hospitals I know here in town. When I get there the Emergency Room staff gathered around with the attending doctor to know what I am going through. After  gathering the information they needed they immediately gave me medicine that ease my pain after an hour. I was very thankful that I was not being confined in the hospital, because I don't like to stay there based from my previous experience.
When the doctor learn that the medicine he gave treat my pain, he ordered my release and of course after hubby takes care of the bills. Its not that easy to get hospitalized specially if you don't have enough money with you. Good thing that before we went to the hospital hubby borrowed cash form our office first. Our hospital bill was quite high knowing we just stayed there for only three hours, then we found out that the medicine the gave me was very expensive. If we only have payment solutions that could help us pay bills in any form to lessen payment hassles things like this would probably easy.


imelda said...

you are right it is hard to be hospitalized these days

supermommyjem said...

It's good to know that you are fine now. My sister also has experienced too much pain in the tummy part then the hospital conduct a series of lab test and they figure out that my sister has ectopic pregnancy. It's been three months now and praise God that my sis recovered from the operation.

May said...

Glad ur ok...Hospitals are not like they used to be. God bless.