Monday, June 14, 2010

Crowd Control 2010!

I worked with the kids specially during Christmas time because it when we hold big Christmas parties for street kids. I've been into a lot of situation with regards to activities like this. And I've learned that when you work with the children you need to secure the place since children just do anything they though of doing. The place needs some crowd control of any form.

I just remember two years back when we held an activity for the kids in the dump site and the people both young and old went crazy that we almost ordered the police officer who assisting us to put some stanchions  to keep the people form crushing the children. It was a crazy day.

Our team are already planning for the coming 2010 Christmas parties and for our next meeting I would like suggest that we must barricades the venues of our activities for the everybody's sake, or if we could borrow some velvet rope from people who's heart is set in helping the street kids would be great also. It would not only lessen the hassle but also help us secure the children.

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