Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wrinkle prob.

When we were young our looks has  not been a problem to us until today when we are getting grey hairs, getting bigger no matter how the exercise is and getting wrinkles on our beautiful faces.
A friend of mine went home to England first of this month but before she went home she gave me this face cream moisturizer which I seldom use because I don't feel comfortable using it for I sweat a lot even during night time.
Actually I been thinking to try eye wrinkle cream to give life weary to my eyes due to lack of sleep.
I think it would help those women who has eye wrinkle problems and specially those who make night a day just to earn more income for family needs. I heard my friend one time said that out of financial frustration "making my night a day just to earn extra".
Hoping we are all maintaining our beauty helps even in the midst of busyness. :)

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