Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where to Spend our Holidays

Tingnan ang buong laki ng larawan

During my hubby's birthday last May 06 most of our close friend came over to our house to celebrate his birthday, not only that, they also brought food with them since they know we are out of budget. It was a very fun night. We all enjoyed each other company. Everyone were busy talking and laughing and playing computer games, we enjoyed it mostly because when friends are around we have lots of things to talk to, sky is the limit;  from family to politics to people in the neighborhood and of course our plans on how we should spend our holidays.
My friend husband works in a cargo ships that go around the world... well, thats what I assume so because whenever I saw my friend she would tell me her hubby's whereabout and hes not staying in one place but in different places. This friend of mine however wants to go cruising with his hubby and maybe just maybe one day they'll be spending holidays in Caribbean, well if they have the money then why not... anyways that's her wildest dream. Actually weeks before their wedding she  told us that they'll go on Asia cruise on their honeymoon.
My other friend is getting married early next year and her hubby works as a bartender in a ship also (just forgot how its called), though its not my girlfriend who like cruising but her husband to be. So people will know that their getting married soon someone from his work might give them a ticket for Cuba Holidays as a wedding gift. That would be an amazing wedding present.
And as for me and my ate Rocks who also really love beaches will dream that one day  we will able to  go and spend our holidays to Cuba too. Who knows God might honor the desires of our hearts and grant us our dreams. :)

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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