Saturday, May 29, 2010

We are what we eat!

I crave for ice cream or cafe' latte' chocolate shake. ooh I could even taste it! and I even want chocolate cake, goodness! yummy!
Why on earth I like all these unhealthy food that is very bad for me. I am struggling with my weight right now and yet can't help but indulge to these temptations.
So all I do now is dream that one day ion just one click of my hands things would be just like when I size A or S and dream about a quick weight loss that would vanish all the ugly signs of fats in me. I was busy today and I could feel my sweat all over my body and wished that it would somehow cost me a pound! :)


Rose said...

I also wish that I will become thin too hahaha!

supermommyjem said...

Ice cream are really a temptation for me so I did eat some and I also watch my weight because I gain weight after giving birth but little by little I manage to lose weight. Good luck to us!