Thursday, May 6, 2010

Under the Bridge!

I knew someone who felt so lost  if she can't  hang out with her friends.  Her so called friends lives under the bridge. Just imagine the suffocating smelly odor that hangs around you when your there and even while you are already outside. The smell never left you, unless you shower. hahaha. But this young girl loved to stay there 24/7 if we would allow her to.
Sometimes we asked her why, she told us that...everything seems alright being with them. She ate what they ate... she talked what they talked about. She's "in" in that community of only God knows what they are doing  under. Young girls are getting pregnant,  young boys drinking alcohol and looks like using prohibited drugs same as the adults, and the children are everywhere begging  for anything they can benefit of.
There are people who cares for them though; the community official tried to relocate them, the church near by reach out unto them, some good people offered them help by offering them jobs and sending their youngs to school. But what these people did.... they just simply refused. Very disappointing and frustrating, its very hard to help someone or people who is/are contented living like the rats on their rats holes.
But in spite of all of these... Jesus still loves them! May the Lord give us love like His, that we may be able to love these people in return.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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