Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SD Cards

Way back before when everything was just simple, no digicams, no cellphones, no psp, no laptops, no high tech gadgets, and no hologram. Life was indeed simple in the province, and all these gadgets were something that I never knew  would happen in the future of my time before. All that I have and proud of were my pets because I have lots of them.
This time, life is different and a bit complicated. You must be out of this world if you don't know or at least heard about these things. I remember when we got our first ever digital camera, hubby and I talked about buying a micro sd that has a really good memory storage so that when we travel all we have to do is take pictures and not to worry about getting the memory full quickly. We always remember of doing so when we are at the malls, but the problem is, we always out of budget. :(
Hopefully soon we'll able to get one.
Thanks and have a good day.

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