Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie addicts

There are people who really are movie addict just like me. Not that much now though but when I was in my first year college, I remember going to the  movie house almost everyday alone when friends can't come . My friends used to teased me that it's one of my subject. I was always on look for  up coming movies then, and up to now I still remember that feeling of excitement.
There were even times that I don't watch the movie anymore since I have seen it a lot, what I did was take a nap in the theater. I have a close friend whom I love to take with me to the movies and would asked her to watch alone while I'm sleeping.  That was crazy days!
I also had a dear friend who would love to buy vcd's and dvd's and would watched it whole day and whole night, and that drives me crazy. At first the two of us would watched the movie together, and when the first is done, she would go for another one and I was still on, then after that she would continue playing and playing movies on her laptop. These days, friends literally visits us every night,  all that they wanted to do is watched movies in our house. Its not a problem with us though, the problem arises when we saw the electric bills.
There's a lot of good Upcoming movies and in fact the rest is already on in the theater near you. My husband is thinking on watching Iron Man 2and he is excited to see it since he has seen Iron Man 1, and hopefully he'll able to because of his busy schedules. As for me I will just wait for my friend to invite me whenever, whatever and wherever, since I don't like the idea of going to the theater alone this time. Or maybe when hubby will go watch movie, he will bring me along, he enjoys my company anyways!

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