Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Better Scanner

Symbol LS4278

Its a funny and shameful thing for me to think that I don't know how to operate a scanner! I was having trouble with my paypal account, and have asked my friend to help me fixed it since I have limited knowledge or understanding when it comes to things like that. So indeed my friend came to my rescue and told me to scan some valid Identifications and have told me too that if I could produce it the soonest the better. Since our office is just one block away, I asked hubby to go and scan my passport but hubby told me that he doesn't know either. whew!
Now, our technology is just getting better and there are new better or upgraded scanner out now just like ls4278. If I can't to use the simple one, how could I with this one! goodness, I really need to learn how.

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